Johnson Roofing epic restoration project

There are 5,456 pieces of ornaments numbered and taken off McLennan Counties District Courthouse by Johnson Roofing in this epic restoration project. Together, with the Texas Historic Commission and McLennan County, we have embarked on the complicated task of restoring this diamond back to her former glory.

All the years have not been kind to this beautiful piece of Texas architecture. In fact, we are told this is the most ornate and one of the most beautiful courthouses in Texas. Themis is the 16’ zinc statue whose beauty has reigned over our county for 110 years atop the master dome of our courthouse. My favorite statue, known as Lady Justice, is a zinc statue on the front with the shield. She was full of honeycombs and bees that had to be removed before anything could be done to her. Lady Justice and her counterpart, Lady Liberty, are two 12 foot statues that stood guard 54’ above the main entrance of the courthouse. The upper dome has been re-made and we are currently in various stages of carefully and lovingly restoring each of the 5,456 pieces to first class condition. A tornado in 1953, multiple hail storms, bees, record breaking heat and cold winters will not win as we turn back time for future admirers of these county treasures.
Wouldn’t it be informative for folks today and future generations, our kids and grandkids, to see and know what is being done to accomplish this once in a lifetime feat? Judge Bill Logue commiserated on the beauty and quality of our courthouse. He reflected on how he and many others felt like it was their second home. The City of Waco channel carried the film. Regular citizens of our county do not get the opportunity to see all the steps in this historic restoration project. There is much that cannot be appreciated from the ground and must be witnessed firsthand. These citizens, including the student population, are missing out on the experience of observing local artisans as they ply their trades in bringing history back to life and allowing these pieces to sing again.
We did not need to go out of our county to locate the talented craftsman needed to complete this project. Our local tradesmen are the very best in the world in bringing the beauty and grace back to our beloved courthouse. The carpentry and sheet metal work is carefully being done in our sheet metal shop, which happens to be the largest and best equipped shop of its kind in our county and the Heart of Texas. Each of the 8 eagles, thousands of leaves and wreaths, all the statues are all being meticulously restored with great love and tender care by the hands of our county’s artisans. Whether it’s fancy carpentry, sheet metal work or the painstaking task of cleaning, re-assembling and installing each step of this historically, significant restoration is being done with pride in McLennan County. Truly the restoration of this gem is of great historic significance and a legacy to our county.
Thank you for the greatest opportunity and challenge we have ever had,
Bill Johnson
Johnson Roofing for 70+ years in McLennan County
PS: I would suggest a planned time to schedule visits at our shop on this once in a lifetime event.