Project Spotlight: Volar Barracks, Fort Hood TX

The Volar Renovation project consists of eleven three-story buildings on two separate sites within Ft. Hood. It accounts for over 2,000 squares of Standing Seam Metal Roofing installed over a metal framed retrofit roof system, converting a flat roof to a sloped roof. To achieve the demanding air and moisture infiltration requirements Johnson assisted in developing a moisture barrier roof system that was installed on the flat portion of each building roof. This flat roof later creates the surface of the attic floor. In essence, Johnson has installed two roofs on this project– a flat roof and a sloped metal roof.
The sites of the project are congested. It is difficult to stock and maneuver the material amongst trees, buildings, appurtenances and subcontractor vehicles. The logistics of delivery, material handling and proper sequencing are critical project elements. Maintaining the high quality of workmanship that Johnson Roofing is known for on a project this size is challenging. In the face of these odds, Johnson has implemented a quality assurance program on the Volar site including a multi-phased inspection program to insure that the highest quality of work is achieved.

Right now, Johnson Roofing’s metal crews are putting the finishing touches on Phase 1 of the Volar Barracks. Despite harsh weather earlier this year our metal crews have continually produced great results. Employing over sixty men and using over fifteen pieces of motorized equipment, Johnson has displayed what sets us apart from the norm on these complex and time-sensitive projects. Very few commercial roofing companies in Texas could have set the manpower and resources in place to tackle such a demanding project.

What’s behind the scenes separates us from the pack– using strict quality and project controls, computerized resource loaded scheduling and a continual focus on the end result.This project management approach, coupled with onsite safety observance, quality control and a highly seasoned staff of metal roof technicians, enabled Johnson to meet the challenge.

In fact, this team will have another opportunity in 2011 to show its full capability when the Volar Barracks Phase II kicks off in May. This second phase includes a total of nine barrack buildings receiving a full sloped roof retrofit and metal standing seam panels. The Johnson Team is looking forward to another challenge and intends to make Phase II another great chapter in our story of success.